Vendor Contract

3rd Annual Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce Bridal Expo
Co-sponsored with Heritage Shores
September 22nd, 2019

Thank you for your interest and participation in the bridal expo! We promise to give both you and our guests the VIP treatment that they deserve. At this invitation only Bridal Experience, you will be alongside some of the best of the best in the industry. This show is truly like no other, as it has been built to be what we look for, as wedding vendors. Expect quality couples, surrounded in a relaxing environment while being treated to amazing service.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Our goal is to not only host a great show for the brides and grooms- but also for the vendors.

After you register, a confirmation email will be sent to you requesting links and additional information that is needed to successfully market you to our audience!

Thank you in advance!

Casey Johnson
Marketing Assistant
Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce
Heritage Shores

Booth Inclusions:

*Social Media Marketing
*Complete list of all registered attendees at show conclusion
*Complimentary PDF show invitations to print and distribute to your clients
*Company listing on show website, linkable to preferred website
*Company listing on show program to be given to each attendee with contact information

*Please note: Tables, Chairs and Linens are provided, as well as electric. Please specify at time of registration, if you need electric. Please do not staple, tape, or put anything on the walls of the facility. Any food vendors are asked to provide their own refrigeration and/or heat source and paper goods (utensils, napkins, plates, etc). Heritage Shores does not have the room to store food in refrigerators or provide heat/warming services.

*We ask for a $50 (value) door prize to be provided by each vendor. All Door Prizes will be announced throughout the show and will be claimed at the vendor’s booth, must be present to win. All Door Prizes will be announced via social media and linked to preferred vendor site.

Term & Conditions:

Heritage Shores or The Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce does not assume liability or responsibility for the safety of the Vendor or his/her employees and their property from fire, accidents, theft, or any other cause. Vendor shall be solely responsible for property damage caused to venue’s premises, including but not limited to, any landmark fixtures or structures, whether caused by Vendor or Vendor’s Employees. No booth sharing will be allowed. Displaying or distributing materials from a non-participating business is prohibited. All materials used by Vendor, must be contained to assigned space. Vendor agrees to promote the show via social media, email, word of mouth, etc. Database of registered brides is strictly for vendors of this bridal show and may be not shared with any other vendors/business not participating in the show. Vendor Registration opens March 25th, 2019, to all vendors who participated last year. On June 15th, the registration will be open to vendors who did not participate last year, but wish to participate this year. There are only 3 vendors per category permitted to register, on a first come basis. Show set up time is Sunday September 22nd of 2019 at 9:00am, all booths must be fully set up by 12:00pm. Show starts promptly at 1:00 and concludes at 4:00pm. Please do not take down your booth down early. Booth payments are non-refundable once contract and payment is received. Make checks payable to Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce. Booth fee is $175.00 for one (1) 8ft. table, $175 for each additional space and/or table) or pay online at


This Bridal Show by Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce takes place on September 22nd, 2019 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Booth spaces are assigned based on the criteria listed above. Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to move vendor spaces, increase booth spaces or reduce booth spaces as necessary to accommodate exhibitors and overall function of the Bridal Show. All vendors must be set up and ready for business by 12:00pm on event day. All booth fees are non-refundable, and it is the responsibility of the vendor to arrive at the event and allow enough time for proper booth setup. Any vendors that are serving food or beverages at the event are responsible for following the guidelines and policies set out by the Sussex County Health Department, in Delaware. Food vendors are limited to one kind of sample only. Vendors may hand out and advertise their own company’s marketing material only. Any vendors caught handing out business materials for a company other their own, including business cards, brochures, displayed signs, and promotional materials, will be charged an additional booth space fee of $175. All advertising materials brought in by the vendor must be in good taste and presented in a professional manner. Vendors are allowed to hand out their own promotional materials, sell products, offer free samples and conduct raffles at their booth space. In the weeks leading up to the show, extensive advertising including, but not limited to, print, social media, and internet advertising will be conducted. Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce does not guarantee a specific turnout or leads from clients attending the event.

All Vendors will receive a list of all pre-registered brides in attendance within four weeks following the event. This list is for the exclusive use of the participating vendor only and violation of use, including allowing other vendors to use the list, selling the list or posting inappropriately will result in a removal of your listing from our site and a termination of participation in all future Bridal Shows. Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse vendor participation. Any breach in this agreement may result in damage fees being billed to the vendor and or/legal action taken by Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce. The event will take place regardless of weather. Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for any items lost or stolen from vendor booth spaces. Vendors hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce and Event Sponsor Heritage Shores of any losses, damages, claims, demands or actions that arise during vendor participation at the vent. I have read and understand the entire vendor contract along with terms listed. I also understand that my participation of the event is voluntary and will only be granted by Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce when contract, application and fee have been received.

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