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Delaware is an old state, and there are a lot of antiques that have been preserved throughout the years. Many of the historic small towns in southern Delaware are rife with antique shops that will amaze you with their selections, decorations, and history. Best of all? You can do all of your antiquing in Delaware Sales Tax Free!

Why Do People Antique?

Collecting antiques is a passion shared by many people from the casual collector to the serious dealer. For many enthusiasts, it is difficult to say precisely what attracts them to an antique. In any case, there is much to love about antiques!

Top 5 reasons why people love to antique:

1. Connection to the past
By evoking the essence of a bygone era, antiques help us learn about history and create a sense of nostalgia for another time.

2. Getting a Good Value
The many furniture treasures and accessories can furnish a new home for a lot less than shopping the big furniture stores, while providing an opportunity to furnish with a unique decor.

3. Thrill of the chase
Finding a rare or valuable piece amongst the many collections in a shop is a source of pride and joy for your average collector. Antique stores are brimming with coveted treasures.

4. Innate beauty
Including a single historical piece in your décor can add character, romance or a personal statement to your home. Keep an eye out for vintage fabrics, interesting art and beautiful furniture.

5. DIY Re-purposing
If you’re handy with a hammer or paintbrush, you can easily transform someone else’s junk into functional and funky furniture. Some of our treasure shops even offer seminars and classes to help you refinish your finds!

Why Sussex County Antiques

Here in Western Sussex County, we have created an Antique Exploration Trail just for you to explore. Come and spend a day or two, or make a whole vacation out of it. There is so much to see!

Whether it is antique furniture, books, jewelry or some other fantastic discovery, there are plenty of locations to find whatever it is that you’re looking for. To really discover the charming, little antique havens, explore the back roads and scenic routes. You’re bound to run into a secret antique goldmine.

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